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Newton Dynamics

Engineering consulting and R&D services

what we offer

Engineering consultancy and R&D SERVICES  FOR your business


We have a solid track in Research and Development with new technologies from robotics to implementation of artificial intelligence systems to help increase productivity.

Process engineering

Our consultants have experience in Pharma, Energy, Aviation and food sectors. This provides a wide spectra from where we can provide new and outside of the box approaches to how processes are designed, implemented and maintained.

six sigma consultancy

As part of our core foundations lies the Six Sigma principals and methodology.
We provide consultancy services to implement this methodology in your company and help your employees drive their projects to generate productivity and savings.

plant management

Within our team are industry know professionals with a solid track record in efficient plant management. They can help you with suggestions of how to improve operations to minimise downtime while improving the return on investment of the assets.

work process


Our team is focused in making sure we are a good fit to ensure your success. We don't waste your time and money by selling you hot air and wet paper.

When you contact us we typically start with a telephone interview to make sure we are what you are looking for.

We then typically follow up with a face to face meeting where we will come prepared to listen to you so that you can share with us where you think you might have problems and we often leave with requests for certain amounts of data to analyse. 

We then present a preliminary report explaining the areas where we feel we can team together to provide the most impact to benefit your companies operation



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Email contact@newtondynamics.eu